Winter Break thus far

Last night (this morning?) was wild. I've been awake... 26 hours? Ah well. No time for sleeping now. I went to Hannah's house and watched the entire second season of Rome, which finished around 5 AM. I got a LOT done on the Cables o' Doom blanket.

It's really warm. Size 13 needles are scary big compared to what I've been using.

Also finished the granny square blanket a few days ago. The colors are awesome. Dory helped me block it.

What else?

Well... Doctor Who is always fun to rewatch...


Wow. I leave my computer unattended and my Crafster post on the Happy Hippie Gloves explodes.

So now I'm typing up a pattern for them while freaking out that I don't have a winter job. Yay life.


Bad day.

I started working on Hannah's insanely bright happy gloves yesterday.

I saw Ysolda's tutorial on long tail tubular cast on for a 2x2 rib and thought I'd try it. It worked really well, and I think it's my new favorite (for ribbing, at least).

I was studying for my classical music test this morning, and my binder knocked my coffee off my desk and onto my yarn. After yelling assorted profanities after it, I borrowed Hannah's tub and let them soak in water for awhile.

At least coffee stains are easy to get out while their still wet.

The poor darlings are drying now. I'll probably work more on the pattern for Jon's gloves, since that is all of the yarn for Hannah's.


What are you doing, not posting?

Calc II is eating my life. Knitting keeps my sanity. I always need to keep mindless stocking stitch projects going simply so that I can have something to keep me relaxed.

Knitting to keep my mind off of school yields finishing the man's gloves in a weekend:

Marching band is over, though, so they are currently his HAX0R gloves. Why do I love geeks? Oh wait.

I also started Absigail's gloves. I still haven't bought the emerald yarn for them. Can you believe that Kirksville's Super Wal-Mart did not have Wool-Ease?! I'll need to remember to pick that up when I go home for Thanksgiving. Ribbon to match, too.

Back to homework, now.


Marching Gloves

One down, one to go.

...Or at least I really hope so. I've already torn these out once, and redone the finger holes three times. The first time wasn't bad, I was only up to the thumb, he just wanted the band a different length. The fact that the fingers got messed up were not my fault, as I had asked him repeatedly if it was too tight. If they're still messed up after I've redone them... yeah. I'll redo them, and whatnot, but I won't be happy while I rip them out.

I left my notebook with the pattern in them at home. :-(

The colors are a lot darker and more black and indigo. They are much prettier than the yellow light suggests.